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Your Ultimate Destination for Comprehensive Spindle Solutions...

Discover the Spindle Solutions advantage – your One-Stop Shop for all spindle needs. Boasting a team of over 50 fully trained experts with a stellar track record of 38,000+ successful spindle repairs, we're committed to excellence.

Within our expansive 43,000 sq foot workshop, we specialize in repairing all spindle types, ranging from 1.5kg to 1.5T, and cover taper varieties such as BIG PLUS, CAPTO, HSK, KM, and BT/ISO. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our fully equipped CNC machine shop, coupled with laser welding facilities, ensures precision repairs in record time.

When urgency is key, rely on our swift and reliable service for urgent spindle repairs or to take advantage of our efficient exchange program. We leave nothing to chance, conducting thorough testing to guarantee optimal performance.

Spindle Solutions isn't just about repairs; we have you covered for replacement parts too! From rotary couplings and clamping collets to specialist spindle oils and state-of-the-art MQL systems – we've got it all.

And guess what? We're not limited to spindles; we also excel in servomotor repairs. Contact us for a free estimate.

Experience the convenience of sourcing everything from a single, trusted provider to keep your spindles turning seamlessly. Choose Spindle Solutions for reliability, speed, and expertise.

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Benefit from our wealth of expertise!
With decades of hands-on experience, our technicians bring a wealth of knowledge honed through specialised training with diverse spindle manufacturers and within our own spindle construction department. No challenge is too great – we proficiently repair all common machine tool spindles, whether motor-driven or externally powered, irrespective of taper type or maximum speed.
Choose confidence in every repair –
choose Spindle Solutions.


We work 24/7 delivering effective solutions to your spindle problems.


Detailed documentation of testing analysis and run in cycles completed for every spindle.


Exchange spindle pool, rapid repair services and express shipping minimise machine downtime.


Industry leading 12 month / 3500 hour warranty on all spindles. 
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