Servomotor repair

We test and repair all leading brands of servo motor

servomotor repairs

We repair all common brands including Fanuc, Siemens and Heidenainn.

Our trained and expert technical staff follow a strict, step-by-step process for all servomotor repairs.

We check for visible damage, burns, corrosion, cracks, poor connections and mechanical damage on the servomotor's outer body.

The rear covers are removed and feedback devices are examined and tested.

Motor windings are tested using specialist motor winding insulation equipment. This device performs insulation resistance, high potential, ohmic resistance measurement and inter-winding short circuit tests on the motor.

KE or voltage constant tests are performed on products that use magnets.

When necessary, keyway, shaft and bearing housing modifications are carried out. New bearings and sealing components are installed with each service.

Encoder, resolver and tacho devices are tested with appropriate test devices.

Defective encoder or resolver devices are renewed, and new ones are installed and adjusted.

After work has been completed, the servomotor is put to load test with maximum operating speed and maximum torque.

Quality guaranteed

Our commitment to providing quality servomotor services through the steps above helps ensure that your equipment continues to perform as well as when you start using it again. It also means that the faulty motor will be repaired quickly. At Spindle Solutions, we stock thousands of spare parts in order to carry out fast and high-quality rebuilds, and for emergencies, we carry out work within 24 to 48 hours. Because we use the latest technology in our tests, we can uncover even the smallest faults and problems that go undetected. Your servomotor, which you have repaired at Euroservo, is operated in its first day's performance and shipped to your company with a 12-month warranty on the replaced parts and workmanship. Our commitment to quality starts even before work begin. We share free pricing information so you know what costs you will be dealing with before the repairs are made.
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