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MQL technology for minimal internal tool lubrication

Advanced Internal MQL Systems for Cutting Tools
Key advancements in technology, focused on streamlining manufacturing processes, play a pivotal role in achieving faster and more efficient production.

Embracing dry machining with Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) technology unlocks substantial potential for process optimization, offering a multitude of competitive advantages.

MQL technology minimizes heat generation during the cutting process, resulting in prolonged tool lifespan, increased cutting speed, enhanced surface quality, and overall efficiency improvements—all achieved in a shorter timeframe and at reduced costs.

Leveraging extensive expertise and practical application know-how, MWM has curated a comprehensive family of systems specifically designed for internal MQL. Each system within this family is engineered for high performance and maximum reliability. Explore the cutting-edge solutions that redefine precision in machining processes.

Efficient Energy and Cost Reduction with MQL

Revolutionise modern machining processes with MQL systems, a sustainable alternative to conventional coolants. This specialised technology significantly diminishes friction among the workpiece, chip, and tool, resulting in decreased heat production, prolonged tool lifespan, elevated cutting speeds, and overall efficiency improvements. The entire machining process is streamlined, achieving cost savings and completion in a shorter timeframe. Depending on the specific machining process, remarkable savings of up to 30% can be realized.

In series production, dry machining with MQL technology offers substantial savings potential. Traditional coolant methods involve multiple devices such as emulsion cooling and cleaning, wet chip processing, and wastewater treatment. With MQL, all these devices become obsolete, contributing to an environmentally friendly and cost-effective machining approach.

MQL system benefits at a glance

Energy saving with MQL

Energy required by a machine tool, potential savings resulting from the use of MQL technology.

Cost savings with MQL

Comparison: coolant vs MQL minimal lubrication

Innovative technologies

Aerosol Supply

The aerosol is generated inside the MQL system using algorithms that regulate the technical generation process. The aerosol is conveyed to the lubrication point, either through flexible pipes and channels inside the machine or through external side nozzles. The oil particles get condensed into small droplets and are precisely addressed to hit the tool cutting edge.

System control

The individual volumetric flow rates are perfectly regulated by a control device inside the MQL system and all the data for process monitoring are transferred to the machine control system. A particular advantage of the MQL is the instrumental response time of less than 0.1 sec. In this way the systems can operate in a total safe mode, even on very dynamic and fast machine tools.

Data exchange

Excellent solutions

Aerosol generation

The lubricant medium used for MQL is a very fine mixture of compressed air and micronized oil droplets, sized up to 1 micron, defined as “aerosol”. The aerosol is conveyed to the lubrication point through flexible pipes. The absolute volumetric flow rate is optimally regulated by the MQL system. Depending on the different processing needs, the concentration of the oil particles can be increased or decreased separately for each tool through the machine CNC.

Lubricating oil

The recommended MQL lubricants are exclusively of synthetic origin (or bio-based). System filling can be manual or (optionally) fully automatic, is totally safe and maintenance free.

A system for the future: suitable for every application

MQL systems can be used on any type of modern CNC machine tool and almost in all mechanical processes:
  • Rotary transfer machines
  • Portal milling machines
  • Turning and milling centers
  • Flexible production systems
  • Double spindle machine tools
  • Multi spindle heads
Our team of experts are on hand to develop the best solution for each tool and material and to meet the specific requirements of each single user.
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