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Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Systems for high-speed bearings, high speed gears, linear guides ball screw and sliding surfaces.
Experience the Advantages of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) in Metal Cutting Machining.

Embrace a sophisticated alternative to conventional cooling lubrication with Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL), particularly beneficial in series production. MQL not only diminishes investment costs but also lowers production costs and reduces space requirements.

Compared to traditional wet systems, incorporating MQL into your machining center can result in a monthly cost reduction exceeding one order of magnitude. The return on investment (ROI) typically ranges between 6 to 13 months, making it a financially prudent choice.

Beyond financial benefits, MQL plays a pivotal role in environmental responsibility. By eliminating the need for water, fog generation, and hazardous lubricants, MQL contributes to a cleaner environment. The visible process of MQL further enhances its eco-friendly profile. Choose MQL for efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious metal cutting machining.

Leaders in MQL Innovation

Distinguished as MQL specialists, MWM Schmieranlagen stands at the forefront of technological advancement in Italy. We proudly pioneered the development of compact Oil+Air Lubrication Units tailored for Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL). Our groundbreaking units feature patented electronic devices meticulously controlling the dosed air+oil supply.

In the realm of efficient lubrication for high-speed ball bearings, our MQL systems are unparalleled. They ensure the minimum required lubricant quantity, effectively preventing overheating—a critical factor in processes like High-Speed Cutting (HSC), widely applied in industries such as aeronautics, automotive, mold working, and more.

The MQL-MWM product family boasts a diverse range of units and accessories, catering to various applications in the machine tools field. Our technology shines brightest in high-speed bearings employed in machine tool spindles, positioning MWM as the leading name in MQL innovation.

Unrivalled performance and precision through patented technology

IFX-C Optical Oil Streak Sensor
The IFX Optical Oil Streak Sensor, directly installed on the transparent pipe, monitors the continuity of the oil flow/delivery in oil+air lubrication systems. The sensor is equipped with a light emitting transmission diode, which projects a light bundle on an electronic receiver element with electronic smart card. Any image variation of air+oil flow in motion air+oil mixture is detected and processed according to a patented and advanced technology.
IFX-F Optical Sensor for Oil Microfog
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The IFX-F sensor allows the immediate detection of lubricant flow rate in oil microfog lubrication systems. The detection of pre-set value of flow rate causes the turning on of green LED. Any flow interruption or change (increase or decrease) in lubricant flow compared to the target value generates an error signal and a red LED light turns on. The check reference flow rate is set at first programming stage.


Air+oil mixer MVF-AX with optical monitoring and outlets manometers
The mixer is made up of 3 parts: the first one to mix air and oil, the second to monitor the flow with Oil Streak Sensor and the third one for the outlets and the air pressure monitoring. The oil is metered in very small quantity and carried by a continuous air flow outside of the mixer. Fit for minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) in high speed spindle bearings and in any case where monitored MQL is needed.
Compact air+oil mixer MVE-A
The mixer MVE-A is made up of an air-oil mixing group with an oil dosing element. The air is fed from the main line to the single air-oil channels through adjusting screws that establish the air flow for each lubrication point. The oil quantity metered by the dosing element through the check valve, is pushed by the air pressure inside the channel. It is contemplated the optional use of external optical sensors for the functional check of the mixer

Oil + Air Units

Oil+Air lubrication unit ZFX
The ZFX units are complete systems which produce air-oil mixture dosing small amount of oil per each cycle in a continuous air flow. The system has a driving and control unit. The right amount of oil is distributed by dosing elements and mixed with air, the air-oil flow rate can be adjusted by screws placed on each outlet. The air-oil mixture is controlled by an optical sensor which verifies also the minimum flow rate level. The PLC manages pump levelswitch signal as well as signals from the control sensors. The pump driving is managed by PLC so that the amount of oil is related to the number of controlled drives.


Oil Filter
The filtering action is obtained from the flowing of the fluid in a filtering duct which guarantee a filtering rate which goes from 10 up to 250 micron according to the mesh size in use. The in line cartridge allows a quick and complete deaeration.
Rotary unions-leakage monitoring of water with IFX-C Sensor
Monitoring of leakage outlet from spindle rotary union.
With IFX optical sensor, with programmable sensitivity, you can easily check the amount of fluid flowing in the drain connection of rotary union leakage.

A minimum flow is not detected, a copious flow is detected as a seal failure. You can easily see that the sensor alternates between red, green. The red LED and output contact open mean normal condition. The green LED and output contact closed mean fault condition. With too much water, the sensor will turn green. Programming function can also be inverted.

With this simple optical sensor (for pipe diameters 4, 6, 8 and 12 mm) you can monitor the failure of the rotating collector of your spindle. Automated by electronic controller.
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