Spindle Hotel

Optimized Storage Solutions for Planned and Predictive Maintenance
Experience unparalleled convenience with our Storage Solutions tailored for planned and predictive maintenance. The Spindle Hotel guarantees that our extensive stock of spindles is meticulously built, rigorously tested, and ready for swift dispatch.

Regular maintenance and run-in cycles are diligently executed to ensure the immediate readiness of replacement spindles. This process holds particular significance for grease-lubricated spindles, addressing the aging of grease. Comprehensive testing and documentation of all spindle functions are available at a fixed quarterly price.

Key benefits of our Storage Solutions include secure storage within our climate-controlled facility, providing you peace of mind.

Rest assured, your warranty commences with the delivery of your spindle, and we offer certified ownership tracking for spindles housed in our warehouse. Enjoy prompt access to your spindle whenever needed, ensuring uninterrupted operational efficiency.
Unit EB012
Wyastone Business Park
NP25 3SR
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